Thank you SO much for being here! I'm Liz and I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I currently reside just outside of Indy with my two kids, Brynn + muses. We're a fun-loving family who enjoy sports, trips to the beach, cooking dinners together, and snuggling on the couch watching movies. (We're big Marvel fans over here!)

I borrowed my dad's Canon back in 2013, taught myself how to use the thing by taking pics of my own kids, and have been obsessed ever since.

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me working on some creative project, nine times out of ten. My mind is always full of ideas and I'm pretty sure I drove those around me crazy always talking about them!

I've been a hairstylist for over 14 years now and currently rent a booth at my besties salon, Five Zero Boutique Salon in Greenwood. I have a passion for helping women feel beautiful and confident in my chair AND in front of my lens.

I've combined all of my loves into one blog.

faith+ home decor+ beauty + travel +words
Untamed Soul Collective

Sharing the tools the kids and I have personally used to heal our souls after divorce...and just for life in general. <3

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